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Andina World, weaving life

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Discover our handmade ponchos.


Handcrafted with a soul and story. Keep warm.
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Handcrafted in small batches.
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We are craft. We empower culture. We preserve heritage.
Andina World invites you to discover ethically handmade products that have been made using ancient inca's technique. From our natural fibre textiles dyed using natural native plants to our handloomed products, we try to preserve ancestral weaving techniques.

Andina Wolrd has a lot of heart in it. We work with artisans from the far remote areas of Peru, with women who have few opportunities to earn an income and with people facing social challenges.

All our products are handmade. From our textiles dyed naturally using native plants to our handloomed products using anciente Inca's tecnique, we try to preserve ancestral techniques.

We celebrate the women and men and their craftmanship. We applause tradition. Above all, Andina World pays respect to the craftmanship heritage and the people behind every product. All our items are fairly traded, as every artisan has received a fair and honest payment for their work. Andina World, weaving life.


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