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Andina World, weaving life


To us, working ethically and sustainable means, that the Peruvian artisans are doing their work in their own rural communities and environs in the Peruvian Andes and they are receiving fair wages that are more than the going rate for those similar work there. We are proud to say that we have developed a partnership with our artisans founded on trust, and that they are paid fairly beyond the going rate for doing similar work there . Sustainabiliy for us also means that by remaining at home, our artisans support the preservation of their communities, as well as their own knowledge, heritage, crafts and culture. Something they will not be unable to carry on in large cities, where they frequently migrate, resulting often in the loss of their skills, traditions and knowlege.


By personally travelling to each of their communities, meeting them and only using local materials, we have established a special relationship with our artisans. And tis relfects our motto: Andina World, weaving life.


As a child, my parents used to take my brothers and I to visit communities and do social work in Peru. There I learnt that in Quechua (The Inca's language) there is not word for friends, only for brother and sister. I was taught that the idea that we are all related is a beautiful way to look at the person next to you, to help him or her when in need. With Covid-19 this though became more present and I couldn't stop thinking in all those artisans and Indian communities who have just become more vulnerable. So, I decided to combine my passion for design and craftmanship and work with local artisans and Indian communities from Peru to create unique handmade housewares, clothing and accesories.


Andina World has a lot of heart in it. We work with artisans from the far remote areas of Peru, with women who have few opportunities to earn an income and with people facing social challenges.

We work with artisans from the North and South of the Peruvian Andes. This also means that each weaving community has its own weaving technique, giving every Andina World article its own very regional character from the North and South of Peru.


I think that our homes, the places we live, and the clothes we wear, are a reflection and representation of the adventures we take. And that our personal spaces, the clothing we wear or the gifts we give others, deserve designs with a soul, story and purpose. All our designs are inspired in our extensive collection of memories and experiences, from leaving in different countries, falling in love, becoming parents, enjoying nature and meeting friends. We find inspiration in what life gives us and translate that into designs.

All our products are handmade. From our ponchos, scarfs and accesories dyed naturally using native plants to our handloomed products using ancient's Inca's technique, we try to preserve heritage and Indian communities.


I hope that each Andina World piece adds warm and beauty to your home and outfit for the years to come and that you find on them a truly unique, one-off handmade piece.

Andina World, weaving life.